Nature Journal Week

Nature Journal Week

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We had a busy start to June, but it didn’t stop us from participating in Nature Journal Week. The prompts were

June 1 Appreciation

I was at home and wanted to make sure I captured the feelings in my heart for this one.

June 2 Sharing

I spent June 2nd sharing my passion with kids in Beeville. Thanks to the Beeville Art Museum for the opportunity. I hope it sparks magic in their imaginations. I also got a little photo heavy on this layout because they were all so cute!

June 3 Creativity

I love the creativity and connections kids make. The ideas they come up with always change my perception in the most amazing ways!

June 4 Inspiration

I find all of my inspiration in nature. I love sharing those moments with kids making connections of their own.

June 5 Confidence

We were on our way to a family vacation at Garner and I spent the rest of the week documenting there

June 6 Care

I can’t believe this nest was in such good condition on the ground.

June 7 Celebration

The place I spent most of my time. In the hammock looking up at the trees

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