Lari Jo’s Favorite Nature Journaling Supplies

Lari Jo’s Favorite Nature Journaling Supplies

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People keep asking… “What’s in your bag?” So here it is. A list of my favorite supplies for journaling. My bag size changes depending on how long I’ll be out, but I’ll always have a sketchpad and pencil at the least with me.

My Favorite Bag –

Field Easel Bag – This bag has everything I have ever wanted in a bag. I added my own pencil holder because I wanted to hold more on the strap.

Favorite Sketchbooks –

Denik Sketchbooks – The artists are students, the paper is recycled, and a portion of the proceeds go to student art programs. Not great for watercolor

Field Journal Sketchbook – Roseann Hanson has a great American made product. The paper is plenty thick for watercolor.

Strathmore Mixed Media – Can be found at craft stores. Great product

Favorite Pens/Pencils –

Lamy Safari – Can be used with Cartridges or a refillable insert. Think Sustainability!

Archival Ink – The ink is great. I like the dark blue color

Non photo blue pencil – This is great to make shapes before committing to a drawing

Pencil– These weighted pencils are some of my favorites. They come in different sizes so choose your favorite.

Sketching Pencil Set – A pencil sketching set of 6-8 hardnesses works best to practice with.

8 in 1 Colored Pencil – This is a great item to carry in your small journal kit

Polychromos Colored Pencils – These blend better than most brands

Derwent Inktense Colored Pencils – These can be used as watercolors as well

Watercolor brush – These are great to travel with

Favorite Watercolors –

Art Toolkit – These are the best compact palettes I’ve ever seen. They come with good grade watercolors and when you run out you can just fill the wells back up with Daniel Smith

Watercolors– Great watercolor set. You can make anything with just these 3 colors.

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