Lead with Nature

Lead with Nature

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A couple of months ago I took a couple of leadership courses through Earth Based Institute. It has created a community of friends and colleagues that think like me. I have spent the last few weeks practicing the tools I learned while going through my own busy time. Learning these leadership goals and tools taught me to slow down, be present, and connect with nature and my own passions through soul. I want to take some time and share with you my practices and and what I have gained.

1. Sit Spot – Every morning I let the dogs out and place my feet on the Earth. This is that my bare feet actually touch the grass no matter what the time and temperature are. As life in the yard returns to the norm or what we call baseline, I take my seat in my favorite spot and wait for what the world has to show me. During this time as my dad has been sick and eventually passed on, this ritual has been even more important to me. I have found so much of myself and my self care in my sit spot. This year my goal is 300 days, no interruptions. If I’m on vacation I will find a similar spot nearby to visit. My father passed away and the new year started with a move to care for mom. I’m giving myself grace.

2. Finding your passion – We spent many days discussion what the soul’s passion really was. After much talk and collaboration, mine was easy. It is JOY. The joy of the aha moments when kids find something new in nature, the joy of families laughing and connecting over something as simple as a clam, the joy I feel when the sun and wind is on my face as I stroll on the beach. This year I will focus on finding the little JOYs every single day!

3. Gratitude – We all know the benefits of gratitude. Take it with you on a wonder wander. What can you be grateful for in nature? Use the list above and find something to be grateful for in nature. I am grateful for walks on the beach, treasures the waves wash up for me to explore, walks in the “forest” of South Texas and all the lessons it teaches me about being tough and resilient, Sit Spots that teach me to be still and look and listen far beyond my own self. What are you grateful for? What can we do to Lead with Nature? I am listening.

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