Sit Areas

Sit Areas

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I have recently heard sit spots referred to as sit areas. This gives the freedom to move from one place to another within natural habitats. I like the freedom it instantly brings to mind. A sit spot (or sit area) is simply a favorite place in nature that you visit regularly to cultivate awareness as you expand your senses and study the patterns and rhythms of local plants, birds, trees, animals, etc.

I am reawakening the habit of sit areas in my life. I have a spot at home and an area at work that I often visit. I will find an accountability partner to help me remember to visit one or both of these areas daily. John Young says that “if you get to know one place really well, you start to know all places.” The plants and animals may be different, but the rhythms of nature are the same. By choosing one place outside that we visit over and over again, it teaches us to develop the most ancient parts of human awareness and gradually acquire enhanced sensitivity to nature. With practice, this routine will facilitate a complete transformation of the ability to observe patterns through all aspects of nature and into our everyday life.

So, what will my habit look like?

  • I will just go outside.
  • Find a place in nature to sit down.
  • Practice opening my senses & observing nature.
  • Do this without my journal in hand for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, journal if the need arises.
  • Repeat as often as I can.

In the back of my mind whenever, I go to a sit spot, I consciously tune into the patterns of nature.

  • Look around at where I am…
  • Observe and open myself to what’s happening with nature: the plants, trees & birds of this place.
  • Be aware of what sounds I hear.
  • Are there birds? Insects? Squirrels or other mammals?
  • Notice the overall level of activity (or lack thereof) and see if I can track what’s causing these conditions.
  • Pay attention to whatever is present in this environment, and tuck it away in my memory so I can identify the differences later on if needed.

What do I hope to get out of this daily habit?

· A naturalist’s sense of connection to my surroundings – through observation.

· A connection to self – a place to clear my brain and let nature heal.

· A deep connection to place – feeling into what nature has to offer us.

So…who’s with me? Will you share your sit area findings in the comments below?

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