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The Sketch Across the World Project came about in 2019 through wanting to encourage folk to sketch outdoors and connect with nature. A chance to experience creativity whatever the weather. Exploring creativity outdoors introduces an inspiring, free -flowing experience.

The event takes place May 2nd & 3rd.  Join my friends at The Walking Sketchbook and those all across the World as we Sketch nature wherever we are. 

How to Join in:

1. On May 2nd & 3rd 2020, gather your materials to sketch nature wherever you are.

2. Explore Nature in your local environment, from your window, in your garden or take a short walk if it’s safe to do so. Sketch what you discover when connecting with nature.

3. Share your sketch and experience on social media and tag #sketchacrosstheworld 

Need inspiration?  

You could capture the essence of where you are, through drawing shapes, lines and adding colour you are drawn to, or painting with plants you find around you. You could paint the  shadows of your plants in the sunshine. Whatever you chose to have a go with, it might be your first attempt but the most important thing enjoy your adventure.

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