Happy Earth Day 2020!

Happy Earth Day 2020!

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Earth Day 2020 Nature Journal Project

Dearest friends: Today, April 22, is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. In honor of this day, I would like to invite you to create a special nature journal page.

  1. Find something wonderful in the natural world around you. Something that moves, inspires, and amazes you–some little spark of wonder or beauty. Remember, it is not where you look, but how you look. There is wonder everywhere.
  2. Next, celebrate this by creating a journal page.  Don’t forget to use words, numbers, pictures, and feelings. Smile, laugh, cry. Make yourself vulnerable to the majesty of the world. Consider this page your prayer of gratitude for beauty and wonder.
  3. Finally, choose something you will do in the next year as an act of stewardship. This act could be personal, on a small scale, a connection with a larger community, or working toward a larger goal. Pick something that requires extending yourself on behalf of nature and the Earth. Write your planned act down in your journal–this is a pact between you and the world.  Now make a plan and go out and change your little part of the world!  These memorable moments make a difference.
  4. Lastly, if you feel comfortable doing so, share your page here with us in the comments.  We can all be inspired!

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